White Rabbit Re-Construction

I’m Late!  I’m Late!  For a Very Important Date!

This White Rabbit carries a clock and is created from a clock.

white rabbit“I’m Late!  I’m Late!”

The White Rabbit not only carries a clock to help him keep time, he lives in a clock as well.

This papier mache’ rabbit peers out of a vintage brass clock case that harbors a secret storage space where the clock workings were.  Untie the wooden cog cover on the back above the bunny tail to access the hollow interior.

Bunny Tail

Apothecary with Bird Skull

Apothecary with Bird Skull

A triad of mysterious objects provide enchanting autumnal decor.  Two black wooden boxes filled with bits of nature, like buckeyes, feathers, and vials of herbs invite you to cast your spell.  The  fourteen inch high box on the left displays a found bird skull near the top, while the box on the right contains the fragile  remains of a dragonfly and a Cecropia moth.  Cecropia moths live only days, mate and die, illustrating the transience of life.

Remnants of a candle drip over a tarnished brass candlestick that completes the mysterious illusion cast by the Apothecary and Cecropia Boxes.  You supply the magick.

Quilt sold separately.